Hadwin's Judgement

Hadwin's Judgetment

Directed by Sasha Snow
Produced by Elizabeth Yake
Executive produced by Ron Mann

An environmental thriller set in the wilderness of Canada’s Pacific North West. This is the true story of two men who dared to challenge the destruction of the world’s last great temperate rainforest – Grant Hadwin and Herb Hammond. But while one man’s story stands as a beacon of hope for the future, the other’s ended in madness and self-destruction.

Grant Hadwin was transformed from expert logger to environmental terrorist. Driven by anger and despair, he committed an act of shocking destruction, felling North America’s most sacred tree, the ‘Golden Spruce’, before disappearing in a mysterious kayaking accident.

Both men played out the conflict between ‘progress’ and environmental ‘protection’ in their own psyches. Their journeys starkly capture the essence of the contradiction facing us all, and their legacies challenge us to wonder what sacrifices we are prepared to make.