An Interview with Ron Mann on his 1982 film POETRY IN MOTION

To say that Poetry in Motion, Ron Mann’s 1982 documentary, is the greatest poetry documentary of all time doesn’t really quite give the film its due. Thirty years on, the film still holds up as an anthology and time capsule, one that’s on a par with or even surpasses its print inspiration, Donald Allen’s New American Poetry: 1945-1960. It arrived in theaters and video stores at a time when poetry was reasserting itself as an oral and performance-based art, a synthesis of previous countercultural movements with free jazz, punk rock, and theater of cruelty cabaret…

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Video profile featuring RON MANN on his distribution company Films We Like

The Seventh Art: Issue 1, Section 1. A profile on the distribution company filmwelike where we talk to its founder, documentary filmmaker Ron Mann.

The Seventh Art is an independently produced video magazine about cinema with three sections: a brief profile on an interesting group/company/organization in the industry, a video essay and a long-form interview with a filmmaker.